Step Into Spring with These Plus Size Essentials

It is time to leave that cold, dark winter season behind us and step into spring. Spring is a time for change and renewal, and we all know how hard change can be for some of us at times. It’s a time to peel off all those winter layers we subconsciously hide behind and show our true inner beauty.
Spring means warm, gorgeous weather and that will mean less clothing, more skin which can be a little scary. It means that us women begin to wear tank-tops, shorts, sun-dresses, open-toed shoes revealing all of the things most of us dread showing and hide all winter long. So what do we do? We can’t just spend another season hiding in our cozy “cover-all” clothing. It’s a time to reevaluate our thoughts and put them into a whole new positive perspective and celebrate the skin we are in. Thinking that just because I am carrying a few extra pounds does not mean I can’t enjoy this weather as much as the next woman.
This season I’ve decided that as the weather begins to warm up I will integrate essential spring pieces into my wardrobe slowly. Here are some great plus size fashion “must have” items for spring that I love from some of my favorite plus size boutiques that just might help you get your spring wardrobe off to a great start.
Start off by picking up a couple of basic tee’s. My favorite tee right now is the Sunwashed T sold at Gap for $19.95. They are available in a variety of gorgeous colors (my fav Neon Double Pink) perfect for Spring up to size XXL. These are perfect to mix and match with your favorite plus size jeans, shorts, or skirts depending on the weather.

Sunwashed T

As for bottoms to mix and match with, my first choice would be a rolled up pair of plus size jeans like these by James Jeans sold at Nordstrom. I love this style because it is perfect for those laid back, warm weather beach days and you can dress them up or down. My favorite thing is to add a colored skinny belt for little extra pop of color.

Boyfriend Jeans

My second choice in plus size bottoms for Spring would have to be a super cute pair of bright, colored, cropped skinny jeans like this style I love from Gap. These Skimmer Jeans are not only super stylish but they STRETCH which I love and are available in a variety of colors and would go perfect with a simple pair of ballet flats or sandals.

Skimmer Jeans

These are just a couple of great, basic, essential pieces that will help you get your spring wardrobe up and running and get you comfortable in showing off some skin.

To dress these items up throw on an easy, distinctive plus size jacket like these super cute styles available at Macys.

Jessica Simpson CollectionMacysMacys

To accessorize the look you can add a statement necklace (like the styles above) or perhaps a stylish scarf like this one I love by Passigatti available in 2 colors at Navabi and pair of sexy heels like the ones pictured above by one of my favs Marc Fisher available at Macys.

Passigatti Scarf

So there you have it, some easy tips for transitioning into this season of change and renewal. Be sure to go into it with a positive perspective and pick up some great basic essentials to layer into your already fabulous wardrobe. Just remember no matter what you do, always love yourself and the skin you are in!